Digital track record

M365 Administration

Azure Active Directory

  • Worked with free, Premium P1 and P2 features
  • Enterprise/app registrations for authorization for example dropbox license allocation


  • Created and modified spam filters after customer needs
  • Following mail flow traces in order to check for interruptions in mail sending and delivery
  • created shared mailboxes, in-place archives and forwarding rules
  • Using eDiscovery for compliance regulations

Microsoft 365

  • License and app administration
  • Used different types of accounts and knows what permissions each one have

Microsoft Partner Administration


  • Lead the transfer of Azure Subscriptions from EA to CSP, CSP to CSP, CA to CSP and knows how to set up DPOR/CPOR for customers.
  • Knows the pros/cons of Azure Plan Agreement vs Usage Based subscriptions
  • Collected Microsoft Cloud Agreements - customer approvals/signatures for the majority of the customer base
  • Manage Subscriptions, Software and Azure reservations using CSP
  • Using CSP to open up tickets with Microsoft for our customers and following them up internally
  • Handled partner profile, business locations, billing and user management for Microsky
  • Activated shared services azure subscription for internal use


  • Ensured the company met the requirements for competency to unlock or remain Gold level membership in both Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity
  • Used MPN benefits to distribute Azure subscriptions to the entire team as well as interns
  • Used Technical benefits (Partner Advisory Hours) for larger cases and winning customers
  • Activated Cloud Enablement Desk initiative and followed up with Microsoft in order to learn about marketing and Go-to-market benefits with Microsoft
  • Created the Business Profile for Microsky, and enabling the company to get leads through Microsoft Network


  • Administering the different programs such as CSP Direct Bill Partner, OSU - M365
  • Added customer associations and writing Proof of Execution documents for existing customers in order to be approved for the programs

Azure Stack Hub

3 Node Lenovo Azure Stack Hub

  • Managed and operated the Azure Stack hub including hardware replacements, networking, certificate rotation and updating both OEM and Azure Stack Software.
  • Performed cloud migrations for a dozen of clients from VmWare using Veeam restore to Azure Stack.
  • Planning and performed setting up networking using PFsense software VPN to connect to customers existing firewall setup
  • Enabling Veeam Agent Based backup for cloud customers
  • Responsible for administering reports and node stability after planned or unplanned events
  • Used Azure Stack PowerShell tools to ensure our customers had the correct Windows Licensing models
  • Handling Azure Stack Support tickets with Microsoft representatives

6 Node Dell EMC Azure Stack Hub

Worked for one of the world’s largest audit and advisory companies in the planning stages of their cloud environment using Azure ARM templates with Custom Script Extensions for deploying SCOM and integrating with ServiceNow